Jeep To Build Its Own In-House Customization Facility

January 8th, 2021 by

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With nearly 80 years of Jeep capability leadership, Jeep has a huge following of enthusiasts who spend thousands of dollars on aftermarket roll bars, lighting packages, running boards, grills, and various other tweaks that give buyers their own unique personal design they are looking for. While Toledo, Ohio has been home to the production of Jeep Wranglers and Gladiators, Jeep will deal a serious blow to the aftermarket by building their very own customization facility. According to the Toledo Blade, Jeep has purchased a site for the project from the city of Toledo, only paying one dollar for the property. The company plans to employ about 300 people to modify Jeep vehicles at the facility, investing $23 million for the new 250,000-square-foot facility.              

“The iconic Jeep brand has a special connection and history with Toledo and all of its residents. We appreciate the city council’s consideration of this proposal and would like to thank the city of Toledo and the mayor’s office for all of their efforts. At this time, we have no further details to provide.” FCA spokesman Kevin E. Frazier

What To Expect For This Future Site

Jeep has not confirmed what they plan to do inside its facility but with the proximity to the Wrangler and Gladiator assembly complex so close, enthusiasts should anticipate a lot more factory custom models. Jeep’s new facility will be located on a complex of properties formerly owned by Textileather and MedCorp, which shut down in 2013. Toledo officials spent about $3.7 million on the purchase and cleaning up of the sites. Officials have explained that the price point made for the sale of the land was based on the encouragement to keep Jeep’s operations local. 

A Win-Win For Both Sides

“This is a major economic development win for Toledo, the city will use the economic development tool to recoup its $6.8 million investment into the site over a period of time,”  said Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz 

The sale includes a buy-back clause giving the city the option of repurchasing the site for the same price of one dollar if the automaker cannot develop the property within four years, plus a few incentives for the residents of the city of Toledo. Needless to say, Toledo will continue to be home for Jeep for the foreseeable future. Curious to know what it feels like to drive a new Jeep vehicle? Start 2021 off right with a vehicle that provides adventure for years to come.       

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