Jeep Patriot Brings Big Adventures in Compact SUV

The Jeep lineup I undoubtedly one of the most recognizable vehicle brands in the world. The seven-slotted grille has been an icon for decades, and a true hallmark of durability and toughness. As the lineup has grown over the decades, many great models have come and gone. One of the best to present itself has been the Jeep Patriot.A compact SUV that looks significantly bigger than one may expect, the Jeep Patriot brings the same spirit of adventure that drivers have come to expect from king of SUVs. To see a great display of the toughness and versatility of the Jeep lineup, check out the following video filmed on the Jeep Safari in Moab, Utah. The impressive feats being performed in the video are those that the Jeep brand vehicles were built to perform and the Jeep Patriot can hang with even the toughest models.To learn more about the new Jeep Patriot, or any other new Jeep models, come and see us at Southern Chrysler Jeep – Greenbrier, 1414 South Military Highway, Chesapeake, VA. Our team will show you through our selection of available models and help you compare those that catch your eye and the features contained therein. Soon, you’ll be pursuing a life of adventures in a new Jeep Patriot of your very own.
Source: Greenbrier Blog

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