Stellantis Prepared For New Vehicle Production

September 25th, 2023 by

Photo credit: Stellantis

Recently the UAW (Union Auto Workers) have decided to go on strike as they request an increase in wages and cost of living protections. The union protects workers for many different brands including Ford, Stellantis, and General Motors. Nearly 150,000 members of the UAW are on strike, many automakers could have a multibillion-dollar impact on domestic truck, SUVs, and car production. As the world continues to catch up after the impact of Covid-19 in the past years, the automarket would have fewer options when it comes to finding specific models, colors, or performance features. Although, many dealerships and automakers have a high number of stock.

The autoworkers are asking for 32-hour work weeks, an increase of 36 percent in salaries, cost-of-living increases, and the restoration of pension benefits to all workers. In addition, the UAW also requested an end to the use of temporary workers. Stellantins has made an official statement and continues to work with the UAW to come to an agreement. As the new vehicle market will see an impact, the used car market will also be impacted. Values for used vehicles will rise, a good thing for sellers and another obstacle for buyers. 

“Strike preparation and contingency planning is part of our normal process in a contract negotiation year — as a responsible business we have to do that. UAW made it very clear that a strike was possible and we did everything we needed to do to protect the business.” according to a spokesperson from Stellantis.

As the move into electric vehicles continues, the UAW is crucial for consistent growth and consistency with production. All automakers have spent time and money training employees, employees who have been trusted with manufacturing nothing but the best on the market. Currently, Jeep, Dodge, Ram And Fiat have new models in production, sales may become limited soon. A delay in production can make a major dent in sales, and in future models that are currently being designed. The UAW strike will also create a limited supply of parts which will extend the economic impact on mechanics and parts distributors. 

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