Stellantis and Nauto Partnership Announce New Vehicle Safety Solution

November 14th, 2023 by

Photo credit: Stellantis

One of the world’s leading automakers Stellantis and Nauto, a leading provider of AI-based vehicle safety technology for commercial vehicle fleets have announced a new safety solution. The partnership aims to empower fleet owners with a best-in-class vehicle safety solution which provides real-time alerts intended to help prevent collisions, promote safer driving behaviors, and lower collision losses/ downtime. Back in June 2023 Stellantis and Nauto announced a major milestone, Stellantis commercial fleet customers can learn more about Nauto’s AI-powered vehicle safety solution directly from Stellantis representatives.

“I am truly excited about our work with Stellantis, as it represents an important milestone in our mission on the road to zero fatalities. This partnership not only streamlines access to proven safety technology, but also reinforces our commitment to enhancing road safety. Together with Stellantis, we are empowering more fleets with the tools they need to prioritize safety, reduce risk, and protect their drivers and everyone else that shares the roads, including fellow drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.” said Dr. Stefan Heck, CEO of Nauto. 

Stellantis commercial fleet customers in the U.S. will now be able to take full advantage of various safety solutions from the Stellantis fleet technology website, including purchasing the Nauto solution for their vehicles. Recent statistics from the NHTSA revealed a saddening fact, motor vehicle fatalities have reached an all-new high since 2005. More reason for the high push for Stellantis and Nauto’s plan to enhance driver and road safety for generations to come. 

“Driver safety within our commercial fleet customer base is our top priority and this is an important and exciting new endeavor as we partner with Nauto by offering next-gen, AI-based advanced driving assistance technology in our commercial vehicles. Through our Stellantis Ventures arm, investment into startup companies like Nauto help support Stellantis’ Dare Forward 2030 efforts in leading the charge to sustainable and safe mobility, as well as a better in-vehicle experience overall.”  said Jeff Kommor, U.S. Head of Sales – Stellantis.

The Nauto solution pushes to help prevent collisions, encourage safe driving behaviors and help reduce risks and claims. Using Nauto’s advanced AI technology tracks and analyzes risks in real-time and will provide preventative warnings that are designed to extend extra time in critical moments. The data collected is based on over 3 billion AI-processed miles. The key benefits of the solution are fourfold, first being easy deployment, the Nauto device is easy to install and can be self-installed in less than 30 min but the company also offers an option for pre-approved professional installers. 

The second benefit is reduced risk and fewer accidents. Nauto helps drivers develop habits for safer driving and up to 80 percent reduction in distracted driving in as little as two weeks. The third is Accelerated claims management, offering rapid collision reporting allowing customers to notify claim operations in just 15 minutes. Lastly Rapid ROl, allowing a return on investment in less than a year. Interested in finding out more about Stellantis and Nauto’s partnership?

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